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Why Starkey?

Communicate better with customers in their native language and social network.

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Starkey is built from within the travel and hospitality industry to help us better communicate with potential and existing clientele in the networks that they communicate with.


Not all MENA travellers, both inbound and outbound, are on the social networks that the current tools address. Starkey can help manage our domestic customers and our guests from source markets like China and Russia.


A large part of the inbound travellers to the MENA region come from China, India and Russia and these countries don't necessarily communicate within the usual Facebook and Twitter. Networks like VK, Weibo and Renren don't get much help or support from existing tools.


Existing tools don't take into account local events, festivals, developments, and socio-economic activity. At Starkey, localization is a very important part of our business model to provide the best experience to our clients.

Discussion Volume Alerts

Identify a sudden rise in comments and mentions to keep ahead of situations. Spot issues before they escalate and maximise the potential of positive publicity you're already receiving.

Cue posts

Plan and prepare your digital marketing strategy and then schedule its roll out based on when you want to post the content; where you want it to be shared; and customise it by network and language.

Operational Hierarchy

Manage multiple brands from within a single group account; assign/delegate individual brands to specific users; monitor and contribute to their effort.

Get Social Insights

Discover what people are saying online on multiple platforms about your brand - as it unfolds in real time. No more checking 18 tabs to get an idea. Simple, clean and intelligent.

Reach Customers Efficiently

React and engage quickly to real-time comments made about your brand. Follow-up on comments from your potential or existing customers, or respond to a request made on social media.

Multiple Languages

Go where your customers are. Pick those networks. Pick the language to post in.

Why Starkey?

To market, engage, interact, and offer customer support to such a geographically diverse clientele needs attention to language, digital habits and analytics.

None of the present tools are built from within our travel industry with its specific needs and nuances in mind.

None of them have a way to map or even understand the entire landscape; none cater specifically to the travel and hospitality industry.

Why do I need Starkey?

Starkey brings major social networks and blog platforms from the regions you care most about to one unified place that allows you to interact, engage and publish in any language. Manage, monitor and respond to conversations on your social pages and later analyse your efforts to identify and enable improvements that ensure your social presence is contributing to your bottom line.

Starkey is a multi-lingual social management platform built by hospitality and travel industry professionals for any company that needs to interact with or market to Arabic, Chinese, British, European, Indian, North American and Russian clients.

Market Statistics.

Travellers consider the internet as their main source for travel planning.
Update their social profiles while travelling.
Customers made a purchase based on an online recommendation.
Less than 18% of the travel industry has a coherent social media presence.

Starkey is your complete end to end Social Media Solution to Plan, Engage, Analyze & Collaborate.

Easily connect & manage the most popular social networks.

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